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The Rhythmic Spaces of RDS Vision Group

“RDS Vision Group's works are embryonic spaces, spaces with rhythm, pulse, but they are cold; the space in which there is already an existing body, but still there is no humanity; the end of one epoch and the anticipation of the birth of the new world. Perhaps, the end of one path, the one mode of human/culture existence. As if the humanity has to happen again, has to be again and explained one more time, has to understand itself and be understood, all the time from the beginning, because people follow the path of the constant changes, while the truth opened in the past by someone, have to be reopened, understood, confirmed or refuted by the others, who are alive today, because all the values of the material world are overshadowed by the miracle of the birth of consciousness and faded in the contrast to the meaning of the only life of one mortal human being.

Thus, in the ultimate condition of the development of the animated universe the man again appears as giving birth to the world and not endeavouring it; the man feeling his fullness with the world and not imposing oneself as its mentor. This man again agrees to interrogate out loud the meaning of his life even when sceptics are laughing at him, because this man, who laughs at himself and not upon others, it is the man born out of laugh; he ponders on that the living condition of matter is transformed within him, the greatest enigma of the cosmos, but laughing at his own intention to fertilize the universe — there is too little consciousness and too much stupidity, violence and self-assurance to pretend on this role; the deepest content of contemporary culture is the feeling that the world stands at the verge of unavoidable titanic transformations. Art dares to talk about this premonition and is not afraid of its own ignorance.

Probably, it is the cosmos, in which there is already a God, but still there is no language, maybe, it is the space in which there is not God in the conventional understanding typical of traditional cultures of the last centuries; there is a smile, there is a sound, but there are no words; it is the early world, and that is why these works are interesting: the artists say that every moment continues the creation of the world, fallen apart/dissolved into numerous bodies, that understand themselves as the tiniest particles of the cosmos. The time, the universe and, probably, the new universe and the new age are constituted out of them.

Alexander Balashov