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About RDS Vision Group

Artist Irina Naraeva, RDS Vision Group
Irina Naraeva

RDS Vision Group (first name RD Sisters) was founded in 2010. It consists of three independent artists: Irina Naraeva, Umit Bek, Olesya Alexeeva, who investigate the field of modern culture.

The focus of their work is a contemporary human being with all its aspects and facets of existence be it physical or psychological. Artists meticulously analyse feelings and self-awareness of an individual within our reality, who, on the one hand, is placed inside the capsule of the routine and, on the other hand, appears as a cosmic being. The artists reveal the feminine dimension in this contemporary culture, understood both as everyday and eternal.

RDS Vision Group's search for other conceptual languages and meanings is a conscious decision. Childbirth and production of new essences, liminal conditions of light and shadow, chaos and order - are the subject matter of this Group. The X-ray image of a female skull that belongs to one of the artists of the Group lies at the heart of the intricate theme, social and philosophical pathos of the project of the PSI series. The image of a female skull embellished with a piercing produces apocalyptical PSI-factor.

Artist Umit Bek, RDS Vision Group
Umit Bek
Artist Olesya Alekseeva, RDS Vision Group
Olesya Alekseeva
(included in the group to 2015)

Contemporary Art. Art-Projects.

2014 — Project PSI-Factor 2: Portraits of the Deadly Sins. Gallery 11.12. MCAC Winzavod

2014 — “Anglomania”, Gallery11.12 at MCAC Winzavod

2013 — Project PSI-Factor, 2013, Romanov Dvor Art-Gallery

2013 — The 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art, Special Project “Migrants”, Museum Centre at the Russian State University of Humanities

2013 — Central House of Artist, International Arts Festival 2013

2013 — Project PSI-Factor, Gallery ‘Svetlana Sazhina’

2012 — “MiraZhi”, Exhibition Hall at the Russian State University of Humanities

2012 — International women's exhibition “The Light/Shine of Women”, Gwangju, South Korea

2012 — Project Plus/Minus, Dream House, Barvikha, Moscow Region

2012 — ROSNANO

2011 —The 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Special Project

“Female Nano”, Exhibition Hall at the Russian State University of Humanities

“Future Anthropology”, M'ARS Gallery

2010 —Art-Manezh Fair, Moscow